About moduBiLD


moduBiLD, an innovative construction company, designs, manufactures, supplies, assembles and constructs permanent modular buildings. Through the many advantages of modular construction, we aim to deliver high quality, cost effective, scalable buildings while delivering in a shorter time frame than traditional construction methods.

The company was founded on a partnership between Ohlhorst and Tiber, two well established entities in the construction industry. Through this partnership, moduBiLD brings with it a foundation of strategic partnerships with key design manufacture and supply companies, strong relationships with developers, industry professionals as well as extensive knowledge and experience in the application of light steel frame construction and its application in modular units.

Our experience allows us to be sensitive and flexible to customer requirements without compromising the core modular construction principles that are the foundation of success.

What we do

Our Mission

To capture the full cost and productivity benefits of modular construction through the careful choice of materials, finding the right solution between 2D, 3D and hybrid systems while mastering challenges in design, manufacturing, technology, logistics and assembly to the end benefit of our clients.

Aims & Objectives

  • To deliver high quality, cost effective modular buildings
  • To substantially improve productivity in the construction process
  • To deliver in a lesser time frame than is possible by traditional method
  • To gain competitive advantage by economy of scale through repetitive manufacture
What we stand for

Our History

Since 2007 we have been constructing multi-storey homes and commercial facades in light steel frame systems. Our first volumetric modular unit was produced in 2011 as a prototype unit to be tested for transport and lifting rigidity as well as thermal and sound performance. The structural performance of the cold formed light steel units was remarkable and the modular structure was tiled and transported successfully.

During 2017 Ohlhorst Africa LBS was approached by Nsika Architects to present a proposal for a modular hotel room for a new hotel brand. The proposal was met with enthusiasm and we undertook to participate in the financing, design and manufacture of two prototypes for this hotel which we completed in 2018. This too was successful and by then Tsogo Sun was the potential client. The newly named hi hotel brand was established by Tsogo Sun with the construction of the first hotel commissioned in early 2019 to be built at the Montecasino precinct.

This proved to be the ideal project to form a joint venture with Tiber Construction, a company that Ohlhorst has a long and successful relationship with. Tiber brought with it a wealth of construction experience and knowledge required to enable the timeous and successful execution of this project.

The resounding success of this venture provided the cornerstone for the founding of moduBiLD.

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