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moduBiLD, an innovative construction company, designs, manufactures, supplies, assembles and constructs permanent modular buildings. Through the many advantages of modular construction, we aim to deliver high quality, cost effective, scalable buildings while delivering in a shorter time frame than traditional construction methods.

The company was founded on a partnership between Ohlhorst and Tiber, two well established entities in the construction industry. Through this alliance, moduBiLD brings with it a foundation of strategic partnerships with key design manufacture and supply companies, strong relationships with developers, industry professionals as well as extensive knowledge and experience in the application of light steel frame construction and its application in modular units.

Our experience allows us to be sensitive and flexible to customer requirements without compromising the core modular construction principles that are the foundation of success.

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Modular Construction
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What is Modular Building?

Modular building makes use of prefabricated components, including plumbing and electricity, that are assembled off-site into modules and then transported to the construction site. Here the modules are placed and connected to complete the building.

Combining high quality factory production efficiency with technologically proven building materials ensures a superior finished product that integrates seamlessly into the built environment.

This process results in an energy efficient and vastly more recyclable building.
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What it is

The Benefits of Modular Building

Modular building offers multiple benefits including:
  • Lower cost
  • Flexibility
  • Increased speed
  • High quality
  • Less waste
  • Improved logistics
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy assembly
  • Infinite design possibilities
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Modular construction: From projects to products
McKinsey & Company: June 2019
Potential saving in time
Cost savings in trade-offs
Global market share by 2030

Proof of Concept

December 2019

hi Hotel Montecasino

  • 138 unit modular hotel
  • Period: April - December 2019
  • Project: hi MONTE
  • Client: Tsogo Sun
  • Awards: 2019 Construction World Award Highly Commended Project

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hi Monte
Rooms per week