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What We Do

moduBiLD works closely with you, the client, to ensure your requirements are met at every stage of the project.

A partnership between two major entities, as well as strategic partnerships with design manufacturing and supply companies, gives moduBiLD the knowledge and experience to provide both the components and service required for successful modular solutions.

moduBiLD can design and build mid to high-rise modular buildings in less time compared to traditional construction. The award-winning hi hotel has proved what is possible using this unique construction method.

design phase

  • The design is converted into a modular build solution
  • Additional possibilities and potential issues are discussed
  • Designs are finalised.
  • For architects, developers and owners alike, modular construction companies today can work with levels of design and construction sophistication that will exceed all expectations, rivalling their site-built counterparts.
  • It is beneficial that when exploring the various project delivery methods, off-site construction is chosen early in the design development process, and the project built around that methodology, to avoid redesigning.
  • It is possible to take a site-built design and create a modular version when required, so it’s never too late to explore the possibilities.

Modular Manufacturing

  • Factory assembly lines and processes are prepared to deliver modules as per design, total project demand and programme.
  • Modules are produced to project specifications with continuous QC and QA processes through sequenced assembly.
  • Snagging and de-snagging are completed and signed off before shipment and delivery.
  • Delivery on-site or off-site.

Onsite Construction Phase

  • The modular system is designed for easy transportation and placement.
  • Modules are transported to site, rigged in position and fitted together to complete the structure.
  • Common areas and passages are built on-site, as part of connecting modules and completing the building.
  • The pre-installed MEP services are connected onsite between modular units.
  • Traditional on-site construction that forms part of a complete modular building is constructed.

Industries We Serve

Private Sector

  • Mid to high-rise apartments
  • Hotels
  • Student accommodation
  • Schools & hostels

Public Sector

  • Clinics / hospitals / health care centres
  • Schools and hostels